1. The Pot Smoking Stage

This is where it begins. Unscientifically, there’s a statistical correlation with one’s first few experiences with marijuana and uttering the phrase, “I’ve been getting into a lot of Bob Marley lately.” When going through this phase, “Mellow Mood,” “Easy Skanking,” “Soul Shakedown Party” and “Kaya” are all high on the song rotation, mostly because of their not-subtle-at-all references to getting high. This is no accident. Long before Wiz or Snoop or Tommy Chong, Marley was the ultimate wake ‘n bake, dusk-to-dawn musical pothead. To understand how much Marley smoked and how it inspired him creatively, check out Kevin Macdonald’s documentary “Marley,” in which the filmmaker details just how 24/7 Marley’s daily weed diet was. It’s on Netflix.

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